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March 16, 2022

How to Operate the Fecon Stumpex Stump Grinder

Fecon Stumpex Stump Grinder is a piece of well-featured equipment to remove stumps whenever needed quickly. It is best to remove any tree stumps because of the features that make it an exceptional choice. It has been prepared by keeping in mind all the problems the user can face while removing stumps. This machine is designed to work with minimum dust or debris and operates at 20,000 – 30,000 ft/lbs. Furthermore, it can mount backhoes, skid steers, and excavators at 20 – 40 GPM of hydraulic output. With a feature of low RPM and high torque of about 33,600 ft-lbs, it can work for any tree stump. Whether mounted on skid steers or backhoes, it works for 8 – 20 inches in diameter and 20 inches depth in tree stumps with a single pass. For greater diameter, you’ll need more than one pass.
How Does It Work?
You can remove all types of tree stumps with this Fecon Stumpex Stump Grinder. You can do it without worrying about its type or size. Usually, two kinds of Fecon stumpex are attached to the skid steers. There is a need for the best stump grinding tool, and a Fecon Stumpex is easy and safe to operate and maintain. This tool is easy to use for the cleaning of yards and lands. After tree removal from the lawns, there is a need for tools to remove their stumps. The design of the Fecon Stump Grinder enables it to grind the stump with no damage. Start the equipment by attaching it to the skid steer to cut the stump into small chips with the cutting blade. First, lift the arm and then push the rotating wheel down at the edge of the stump. The stump grinder has a rotating blade with a sharp tip that enters the stump to grind the stump smoothly. The teeth on the blade help cut the wood into small pieces with continuous rotation to the ground. These are AR500 cutting blades and a threaded cone that makes a tip enter the wood at the start of the cutting. If the stump diameter is large and cannot be removed with a single pass, there is a need for additional passes. The speed of the rotating wheel is slow, which helps to operate it efficiently and precisely. If the process is done correctly, it will not cause any harm to your property. Therefore, people hire professionals for stump removal. They use barriers and mats to protect the landscape from damage. When you grind the stump, it makes a lot of wood chips that can be used for other purposes. You can put them in the hole made at the place of the stump before potting soil in it. Fecon stumper is the best tool or equipment to smoothly carry out this grinding process. With this tool, you’ll have minimal discharge or debris, and the grinding is slow and smooth. The stump grinder will make some noise when operating it as it is heavy-duty equipment. However, operating it can be dangerous if you don’t take precautions because it is a powerful tool. Taking precautions is a must whenever you use any equipment. Fecon Stump Grinder can take 15 minutes to 2 hours, depending on the various factors to cut the one stump.
What are its Specs?
Fecon Stumpex Stump Grinder is a robust tree removing equipment made up of a blade and a threaded cone as its tip. The blade is a rotating wheel with sharp edges to cut the wood into small chips. It is always mounted on a skid steer, backhoes, or excavators with a little bit of 20 – 40 GPM hydraulic output. The speed of the steel wheel used in the grinder is slow to make the process smooth and precise. The wheels rotate with a torque of 33,600 ft-lbs and low rpm. This torque and low rpm have enabled the wheel to work perfectly. The stumpex stump grinder can draw itself into the ground with this torque at 2400 – 4000 psi, depending on the stump’s size. The grinder can work with different diameters and depths. It can grind the stump with a diameter of 8 – 20 inches and a depth of 20 inches with a single pass. If the stump has a larger diameter than 20 inches, the experts will grind the stump in different portions. Additional passes will take more time to grind all the stumps, but the results are accurate. This tool can cut the stump and the root material, but it doesn’t spread the debris to a high distance. It makes the discharge minimal, and thus there is no need to block the way if the experts are working on a large area. Minimal discharge is because of the low rotation of the wheel, and no debris will fly away during the process. It always requires low cost for its maintenance, and there is no carbide tool to replace. There are two hydraulic motors with high torque in the Fecon Stumpex Stump Grinder. High torque and low rpm will make the work smooth and accurate with safety.
Its Usage By Tree Companies
Different tree companies use the Fecon Stumpex stump grinder for tree removal services. Low-speed is the safest form of stump removal for tree development and maintenance companies because it leaves no debris in the blade’s path. As a result, the amount of maintenance required is minimal. To ensure the safety of their clients, several tree development and maintenance companies use Fecon Stumpex machines. These companies have experience with powerful equipment and understand the hazards involved. These also have been thoroughly educated to eliminate the excessive danger. The stump removal procedure is the most time-consuming, and this time-consuming procedure also includes digging out all of the tree’s extensive roots. As you can guess, it will take a significant amount of time and effort for these companies. Because of its advantages, the Fecon Stumpex is being used by stump grinding contractors involved in land clearing, tree care, and municipal applications. It includes low maintenance costs, high productivity, and minor cleanup. Because of the auger bit (7-16 RPM) on the Stumpex stump grinder, there is no high-speed flying debris, resulting in a safer work zone and easier cleanup. In addition, Stumpex is safer to use than standard stump grinders because of the slow auger rotation.
Reasons to Remove Stump by Fecon Stumpex
Fast Cleanup
Fecon has added a two-speed hydraulic engine to its Stumpex auger-type stump grinder for faster removal of softwood stumps. The Fecon Stumpex increases the cut time by half and can remove stumps easily, all while using 100 percent of the machine’s power. Additional benefits of the Fecon Stumpex include longer blade and cone service life and more extended periods between blade sharpenings. In addition, compared to the wheel grinder, cleaning time is reduced by half.
Little Maintenance Required
The Fecon Stumpex is a good piece of equipment for tree removal because of its low maintenance costs, high productivity, and little cleanup. As far as speedy and dependable service goes, Fecon Stumpex is an excellent choice. Fecon Stumpex is the ideal solution for various tree growth and care companies because of these factors.
Because the authorities didn’t want to close the area for stump grinding, they had to work in a place where natural people were present. Failing to take precautions against being injured by flying debris was not an option. Its low RPM blade and vertical position significantly decrease the risk of flying debris when operating near pedestrians or cars. In addition, with the low-speed grinding, fewer safety teams and trucks are needed at each stump, allowing the vehicle and its operator to be used elsewhere.
Blades With Low RPM & Vertical Orientation
The vertical orientation and low RPM blades of Fecon Stumpex make it suitable to use near people. Since it dramatically reduces the risk of flying debris. However, rocks were regularly thrown into the air by the high-speed grinding of the wheel grinder. But the low RPM blade of Fecon Stumpex eliminated this risk. When the blade comes into contact with a rock, it can break them or make them fly in the air. And that flying rock is dangerous for surrounding people or vehicles. At last, it is one of the main reasons to use Fecon Stumpex, because the safety of the workplace is essential, which can not be ignored in any case.
Final Verdict
Tree removers cannot remove the whole tree, including the stump. They need the equipment to remove it, and for this purpose, they require Fecon Stumpex Stump Grinder. To clean the path or the lawn, people need experts who can remove the stumps smoothly and precisely. They always preferred experts because they cannot grind it accurately even if they have equipment. If you need an expert who can remove the stumps for you, you can visit Garnetta tree company for tree development and maintenance services. We have experts in managing all your problems.