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Tree Removal

Trees enrich our lives in so many ways, but it is essential to contact a professional when they threaten to destroy our homes, businesses, or property.


As trees become older, they direct more of their development toward natural light sources. However, organic growth can often add undue weight and stress to a tree’s base or root system

Stump Grinding

Garnette Tree Service has the expertise, knowledge, and equipment to remove or grind stumps from trees of any size. You’ve tried all other options.

Emergency Service

Storms are the leading cause of tree-related accidents. As a storm-prone area, Atlanta is vulnerable to severe winds that can pull branches and even pull trees from their roots.

Risk Assessment

If you suspect that trees on your property pose a risk to your building, possessions, or family, contact Garnetta Tree Company as fast as possible.

Tree Preservation

Tree preservation maintains property value, aesthetic charm and provides other benefits for the environment. At Garnetta tree company, We assist our customers in analyzing

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